Hello, I’m Vaughn, a professional photographer who takes pride in his work. Based in Switzerland, I look forward to capturing the interests of other artists, and enthusiastic alike through my work.
As an American, Europe in many ways has opened the door and guided my path into photography. The continent offers rich culture, storytelling, and nonstop colorful street life. These elements provided an abundance of opportunities to develop and grow into the photographer I am today.
I can still remember my first brand Nikon D40x DSLR camera. Back then, I’ve seen the world only in vivid colors and landscapes. A lot has changed since then, and so has my personal perspective of how I wish to communicate my work to you. At present, I work with Sony Full Frame cameras, and focus on shooting in monochrome, because of its rich timeless appeal it gives to the eyes.
This site will provide you with plenty of reasons to come and love the art of monochrome as much as I came to appreciate its romantic gesture. As you explore my site, you will find that it consists of portraits and other works of art as I see through my lens. I will continue to add to existing portfolios. However, my primary objective is to present my ongoing project X in the form of storytelling and enrichment of new concepts seen in street photography. 
I want to convey a certain connection with my audience, so we can learn and experience the art of photography together. The purpose of this website is about interaction, networking, and creation.
Again, I welcome you to my website and hope the contents of this site resonate with you as I intended.
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